About Sylvan

Sylvan Inc. is the global leader in fungal technology and the world’s largest producer and distributor of mushroom spawn, with facilities in sixteen locations serving 65 countries.

Sylvan began growing mushrooms and making spawn in the 1920’s and draws upon decades of mycological experience to provide its customers with products designed to enhance the value of their crops.

We support our customers’ success through significant investment in quality assurance, science, research and state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.

About Sylvan Bio
about sylvan bio

Sylvan Bio, a division of Sylvan Inc., currently produces a variety of products for use in agricultural and health applications.

Our capabilities include the production of both mycelial-based products and the concentration of fungal spores. We are also engaged in the concentration of secondary metabolites derived from fungal cells.

This unique blend of skills enables us to manufacture products of exceptional quality and consistency.

Since 1998, we are the only makers of red yeast rice supplements exclusively grown, processed, and bottled in the USA, and then sold directly to consumers worldwide!

Sylvan remains the global leader in red yeast rice supplements for over twenty years!

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