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Changes and Upgrades

Changes and Upgrades

We’ve made a few changes to Natural’s brand Red Yeast Rice. The name is now Sylvan Wellness, the capsules are smaller, easier to swallow and 100% vegetarian and the packaging has been upgraded with sleek new bottles.


What hasn’t changed is the price. As a valued customer you may continue to order the 120-count bottle for the discounted price of $18.99 and the 240-count bottle for $32.99. We believe these changes will make your experience with Sylvan Wellness Red Yeast Rice even better. It’s the same great Red Yeast Rice at the same great price.


A New Brand, A New Capsule, A New Site

In response to demand for deeper information about heart health and Red Yeast Rice, the Natural’s website has been replaced by We believe that, in addition to being the most convenient way to order your Red Yeast Rice, the site will become your preferred destination for heart health news, and information about maintaining normal cholesterol levels. Please be aware that eventually all traffic will be directed to


Trouble Logging In?

If you are having trouble logging into your account after the transfer to Sylvan Wellness, try resetting your password using the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the login page.


Testimonials Wanted

You can help others in the Sylvan Wellness community benefit from your experience with Red Yeast Rice. Submit a testimonial and receive a discount code worth $2 off your next purchase. It’s quick and easy: click hereto share your story.


If you have any questions or concerns about our products or sites please contact me by email:


Thank you for your business and your support.


Warm regards,

Sylvan Bio, Inc.

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