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About Us Sylvan

About Sylvan Bio


Sylvan is a global company that produces fungal products on solid substrate.

Sylvan Bio, a subsidiary, is engaged in the business of producing a wide variety of fungal cells using solid-substrate fermentation technology.

As a recognized leader in the field, Sylvan’s expertise is founded upon extensive experience in: Culture Isolation and Maintenance, Research and Development, Quality Control, Commercial Propagation, Customized Formulation and Packaging Technologies

This unique blend of skills enables the company to manufacture products of exceptional quality and consistency.

Sylvan currently produces a variety of products for use in agricultural and health applications. Our capabilities include the production of both mycelial based products and the concentration of fungal spores. We are also engaged in the concentration of secondary metabolites derived from fungal cells.

Sylvan has partnered with university research organizations, and businesses in the development and commercialization of new biotechnologies and products. With production facilities and staff in both North America and Europe, we are well-positioned to address a wide spectrum of developmental and regulatory issues across a diverse geographical base.


Offices in 17 Locations Worldwide      
Dayton, NV, USA Fujian, China  Dunaharaszti, Hungary Pretoria, South Africa 
Kittanning, PA, USA Verona, Italy  Windsor, N.S.W. Australia Izmit, Turkey
Nevan, Ireland Mexico City, Mexico  Kennett Square, PA, USA  
Langeais, France Poznan, Poland  Kiev, Ukraine  
Yaxley, United Kingdom Moscow, Russia  Horst, The Netherlands  


Sylvan Bio has been the sole manufacturer of USDA bulk organic Red Yeast Rice in the U.S. for over a decade. Sylvan utilizes modern American aseptic manufacturing processes, which vigorously test for and prevent unwanted pathogens, heavy metals and other contaminants. This cannot always be said of imported Red Yeast Rice.

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